Syngenta 383920 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 4 X 30 Gram Tubes Roach Control

Amazon’s Top Choice for Cockroach Bait!

advion cockroach gel bait

Amazon’s Top Choice

Amazon’s Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. This cockroach bait has a remarkable star rating of 4.6 out of 5, with over 40,000 ratings.

Residential & Industrial

Industrial-level strength bait that can be used in both residential and commercial environments. Its efficacy makes it a trusted choice for controlling and managing cockroach infestations.

Fast & Effective

This bait attracts most species of cockroaches including German, American, Australian, brown, Oriental, brown-banded and Asian cockroaches.

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Syngenta Advion Roach Bait

Pest control solution suitable for both residential and industrial applications. Designed to combat cockroach infestations, this bait employs advanced formulations that target and eliminate cockroach populations efficiently. With versatility in mind, Advion’s cockroach bait is adept at providing reliable results in diverse settings, ranging from homes to industrial spaces. Its efficacy makes it a trusted choice for controlling and managing cockroach-related challenges, contributing to a pest-free environment in various settings.

Formulated to Target Cockroaches

The MetaActiveTM effect provides targeted control of labeled pests. The active ingredient, indoxacarb, is only activated once ingested by the target pest, meaning non-target organisms are largely unaffected. Syngenta’s Advion Cockroach Bait is formulated at the molecular level to target cockroaches while minimizing the impact on other animals and organisms. Its focused formulation enhances precision in pest control, promoting a targeted and selective approach.


Easy to use and works

“I started seeing German roaches and nothing else worked so I read the reviews and said what the heck I’ll try this out! Cheaper than spending over $300 to have someone come out and spray. I have dogs, cats, a few reptiles, and a bird so a gel bait was a better option. I followed the instructions placed an index card with small dots all over it and slid it under the fridge and same with the oven.”

amy s

Finally! Look no further than this stuff!

“Stop wasting money on the “cheap” sprays and traps that do nothing and spend a little up front for something that really does what it’s supposed to do. This stuff is highly effective and works extremely fast. Well worth it!”


It truly works!!

“It is easy to apply, not messy or leaving any residual smears or powder. The substance actually dries up and is easy to remove. I applied the first time and saw the roaches react. A week or two later I applied again and haven’t seen a single one since. It’s been months. I STRONGLY recommend this product! It truly works!!”


Reclaim Your Land. Get Rid of Those Cockroaches Today!